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Personality Disorders

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Created: 07/04/17
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Jarad said,
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Personality disorders are some of the rarer mental health problems. These can be particularly hard for HIV+ guys to manage as personality disorders often leave those afflicted with them to be particularly sensitive to the way others, both well known and strangers, interact with us.

Being rejected and stigmatised is already hard enough without this.

I have a sister with Borderline Personality Disorder who struggles to having healthy relationships and I imagine if she were HIV+ it would be very challenging indeed.

If you have a Personality Disorder how do you cope? What strategies have you learnt?

Please note Personality Disorders include Borderline, Schizophrenia, Antisocial etc.

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Mac1214 said,
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I have borderline personality disorder, and although they are challenging and HIV+ can compound the challenge, in my personal view it doesn't compound my diagnosis anymore than any other mental illness diagnosis.

I think that is actually part of the stigma of some personality disorders. In actual fact though, I find a lot of the coping strategies I have learnt (which are numerous!) crossover quite well for other mental illnesses like depression, anxiety etc. I found dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT) quite beneficial - it taught me a few key skills I use now.

Also, I found understanding the root of what each feeling is about is really helpful, because as soon as I understand something I have more power/control over it.

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