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Created: 02/01/17
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Mac1214 said,
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I think the holiday period can be a pretty stressful time for everyone, let alone those of us who experience mental ill health.

How'd everyone do? I must admit I'm feeling pretty glad that they're over, and life can return to its normal routine!

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Jarad said,
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I agree. The holiday period is almost over, but I am still feeling the 'holiday blues'.

I had some safeguards for the holidays this year as the past few years I have had bad to very bad experiences including suicidal ideation New Years 2015/2016.

My safeguards were to make sure I had firm plans for the big holiday days like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, NYE and New Years Day etc. as well as letting people know that this was a hard time of year for me and for them to check in.

This worked well. I did get down occasionally and I also had high expectations of myself to make it 'perfect' this year which caused me to get upset at myself for getting cranky on Christmasy Day but I was honest with my family and I realised they didn't really care, I was just caring because of my high expectations!

Anyway, I think putting in safeguards is a great strategy and if anyone reads this even though it is almost after the holiday season for most of us perhaps share their safeguards etc. too.

Hope everyone had a good holiday or at least a better one than last year :)

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