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Created: 29/11/16
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Mac1214 said,
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As the year comes to a close I'm finding people are getting more stressed with work and social commitments.

Do you have any warning signs that you recognise as meaning you're not looking after yourself as well as you need to? What are they?

And what are some of the ways you look after yourself, and both your physical and mental health? I'm curious to know.

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Axel said,
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Perhaps I'm an exception to the rule, but my problem is the opposite. At this time of the year i'm actually not busy enough. The consequence of this is I feel left out, different, isolated. Its as if other people are achieving things, securing their futures, making new friends, turning Christmas party invitations away, and making a difference in the world as I bumble along in an undemanding hospitality "career" with few social commitments. If I think too much about this, I feel sad, anxious and blue.
when my thoughts and feelings turn, I've learned I need to nurture myself more in various ways. One way is volunteer work because it gets me out of my head and into the community doing something meaningful. People really appreciate it when I help them and giving without expecting payment is satisfying.
I try to practice gratitude every day, a friend gave me a gratitude diary to write what i'm thankful for, i start with little things, having 10 fingers and 10 toes, mind and body all working alright, clean drinking water, I can read and write, the summer. I find this practice shows me what really matters and some of my problems don't seem so big any more.
My stock standard techniques for self managing depression and anxiety is to eat healthy food as often as possible (not easy!) drink a juice (I bought a cold pressed juicer this year and its helping me change my life), and do yoga every day. Throughout my life, through my HIV diagnosis, exercising made me feel lighter and optimistic. Yoga in particular (which i've only been doing for two years) really has been a great gift; it makes you strong while releasing frustration, and teaches me about who I am and can be. It's magic.

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