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Created: 16/09/16
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Logan said,
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I have been thinking that many gay men living with HIV - who went through the really horrible years (so they are of a certain age) may have undiagnosed PTSD. Any thoughts on this?

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Horse2811 said,

I think you'd be right, Logan. I think it's under diagnosed in many situations - not sure guys living with HIV - it's been very poorly understood but thankfully people who have been forcibly treated for mental distress are bringing this more and more to the forefront of people's conversations.

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Jarad said,
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I think this is an interesting idea Logan!

I've manage to find a link where this is explored: https://www.poz.com/article/hiv-pstd-stress-18966-5087

I have PTSD, although this is from a trauma different to my HIV diagnosis I think being HIV Positive makes it a bit harder to deal with/recover from PTSD. Any extra stressors I have seem to be felt more since my PTSD diagnosis as well.

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