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Created: 25/08/16
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pete said,
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Feeling sad or low from time to time - it's something most of us go through from time to time. However, have you ever had an intense sadness that lasted for weeks at a time - maybe longer? You might just be talking about depression.

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Axel said,
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The time I felt depression that ongoing, overwhelming sadness and intolerable sense of self began from the day that I was diagnosed with HIV. It triggered off a deep, blue sadness that lasted for many years. Unfortunately my reaction to it was to go inward and cut off support, when in fact what I really needed was to reach out. The one person who I was able to get support from why my new partner at the time, who I leaned on for many years. but it put too much pressure on the relationship. Its really important to be able to seek out supportive networks, especially of people who have been through what we have.

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